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ICs ideal for Telematics Control Unit

for automotive Telematics Control Unit

A Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is an automotive ECU handling bidirectional communications between a vehicle and the outside world. A TCU enabling V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications is essential in a connected car. TCU-equipped vehicles can provide functions such as emergency call (eCall), which is mandatory in Europe, OTA (Over the Air), which is used for maintenance and information updates, receiving traffic information and tracking stolen vehicles.
A TCU, the device enabling “Connected”, the “C” in the “CASE” acronym, requires stable communications.
ABLIC’s lineup includes the industry’s smallest connection diagnosis ICs for supplying power to GNSS antenna amplifiers, LDOs that supply clean power to communication chips, backup RTCs (real-time clocks) and the industry’s lowest current consumption LDOs ideal for powering backup RTCs. ABLIC provides a number of ICs ideal for a TCU.

ICs ideal for Telematics Control Unit

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Telematics control unit block diagram

*VD: Voltage detector (Reset IC)   *LDO: Low-dropout regulator   *WDT: Watchdog timer   *RTC: Real-time clock

ICs ideal for Telematics Control Unit

Product Recommended product Applications and Features
LDO Regulator with a current monitor function S-19700/1 Used for diagnosing GNSS antenna connections. An LDO regulator IC capable of detecting a variety of connection faults. It can also be used for backup battery charging circuits.
High side switch with a current monitor function S-19680 Used for diagnosing GNSS antenna connections. Detects short and open circuits and can output alarm signals.
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19246 Powers WiFi. 10V input, 2A output current. Built-in soft start function.
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19255 5.5V input, 300mA output current, PSRR 80dB. Available in an ultra compact (1.0 x 1.0mm) package. 0.1μF input capacitors can be used.
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19212 Powers the microphone. The output voltage can be set between 2.5 to 16V.
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19310 Powers and monitors the real-time clock. Industry’s lowest current consumption of 2.2µA. With reset function.
Watchdog Timer S-19400/1 Industryʼs top class super-low current consumption 3.8µA. With reset function. Available in 2.0 x 3.0mm package.
Battery Monitoring IC
(Voltage detector)
S-19113 Provides undervoltage monitoring. Built-in SENSE Pin reverse connection protection circuit. Current consumption of 0.6µA.
Real-Time Clock S-35390A H Backup of clock function. Current consumption of 0.25µA. 105°C max. operation.
Serial EEPROM. Built-in data protection functions. 105°C max. operation.


LDO regulator with Current Monitor and Adjustable Current Limit S-19700/1 series
With current monitor
Reverse current protection

Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36 V Input, 400mA / 600 mA Voltage Regulator with Current Monitor And Adjustable Current Limit S-19700/1 Series

This single IC detects power supply faults, ground faults, open faults and a number of other connection faults

The IC can diagnose GNSS antenna connection status. A current monitor function for diagnosing the load connection status is integrated and the current limit value can be freely set using the external resistance. It can also be used as a charging circuit for backup batteries.

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LDO Regulator S-19246 series
High output current

Automotive, 105°C Operation, 10 V Input, 2000 mA Voltage Regulator with Soft-start Function S-19246xxxH Series

LDOs ideal for powering communication modules

This 10V input, 2A output LDO regulator comes with a built-in soft start function. The S-19246 Series of LDOs can output 2A making them ideal for supplying power to communication modules whose current requirements fluctuate with the reception environment.

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 Output current: 2A

LDO Regulator S-19255 series
Ultra-compact package

Automotive, 125°C Operation, 5.5 V Input, 300 mA Voltage Regulator S-19255 Series

High PSRR helps shrink TCU size!!

The industry’s smallest package uses 1.0mm square HSNT-4(1010)B, and small capacitors can be used. It can also be provided in a standard SOT-23-5 package. In addition, the IC delivers high PSRR over a wide frequency range dispensing with the need for noise eliminating circuits.

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 Output current: 300mA

LDO Regulator S-19310 series
Ultra-low current consumption

Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36 V Input, 40 mA Voltage Regulator with Reset Function S-19310 Series

Industry’s lowest current consumption reduces TCU standby current

This LDO regulator offers a 36V input, 40mA output, a reset function for monitoring the output voltage of internal LDO regulators and an ultra-low current consumption of 2.2μA (typ.), and is used as a timer IC power supply to create a backup timer with ultra-low current consumption. These features combine to contribute to lowering TCU standby current.

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 Output voltage: 2.9 V ~ 5.3 V

EEPROM S-93CxxC / S-24CxxC / S-25CxxxA H series
No.1 share in japanese automotive market

EEPROM S-93CxxC Hシリーズ, S-24CxxC Hシリーズ, S-25CxxxA Hシリーズ

We offer a wide range of product lineups with high reliability, high performance, and high quality

ABLIC’s automotive serial EEPROMs offer a wide range of product lineups that supports various interfaces, memory capacity, and packages.

Series name

S-93C46C H
S-93C56C H
S-93C66C H
S-93C76C H
S-93C86C H

S-93CxxC H


 Interface: 3-wire Memory capacity: 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K-bit

Series name

S-24C08C H


 Interface: 2-wire Memory capacity: 8K-bit

S-24C16C H


 Interface: 2-wire Memory capacity: 16K-bit

S-24C32C/64C H


 Interface: 2-wire Memory capacity: 32K, 64K-bit

S-24C128C H


 Interface: 2-wire Memory capacity: 128K-bit

Series name

S-25C010A/020A/040A H


 Interface: SPI bus Memory capacity: 1K, 2K, 4K-bit

S-25C080A H


 Interface: SPI bus Memory capacity: 8K-bit

S-25C160A H


 Interface: SPI bus Memory capacity: 16K-bit

S-25C320A/640A H


 Interface: SPI bus Memory capacity: 32K, 64K-bit

S-25C128A H


 Interface: SPI bus Memory capacity: 128K-bit