36V input, 600mA, Synchronous, Step-down Switching Regulator

S-8580/1 Series


Requirement of 24/12V industrial equipment, home facilities, sensors

  • 24V ―step-down― 5.0V
    Downsizing step-down circuit
  • High efficiency
    for saving energy
  • Lower noise on power line
    to enable high-accuracy sensor

High-withstand voltage, downsizing, high-efficiency and lower ripple.

The S-8580/1 Series
is suitable!

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Reduces the footprint of a switching regulator

Enables more compact application / module

36V (Absolute Maximum Ratings 45V) input and synchronous rectification switching regulator (DC-DC converter) adopt the ultra-small package HSNT-6 (2.46mm x 1.96mm).
Suitable for industrial equipment, house facilities and house appliance, the S-8580/1 contributes to downsize the machines or modules.

The gull-wing type package, HTMSOP-8 is recommended when the mountability is required.

There is no need for a large capacitor

Slope compensation circuits and phase compensation circuits in the S-8580/1 Series have been optimized to provide a high transient response.

The external high output capacitors used to compensate for overshoot and undershoot have been downsized, which has also contributed to lowering costs.

External parts to reduce ripple are not required

The S-8581 Series employs a proprietary low-ripple circuit that ensures low ripple without any external parts.

It achieves 9mVp-p across the full load current range including even during PFM control, which is especially prone to ripple.

There is no need to add external parts as a countermeasure to ripple.


Constant-voltage power supply for industrial equipment

  • Small sensor module
  • Motor driver
  • Base station etc.

Constant-voltage power supply for home electric equipment

  • Fire alarming system
  • Printers
  • Water heater
  • Electronic lock, etc.

ABLIC's Switching regulator lineup


Product name S-8580A A/B
S-8581A A/B
S-8580A C/D
S-8581A C/D
  2.2MHz 400kHz
Input voltage VIN=4.0 to 36.0V
FB pin voltage accuracy ±1.5%
Efficiency 91% 95%
Overcurrent protection function 1.2 A typ. (pulse-by-pulse method)
Thermal shutdown function 170°C typ. (detection temperature)
Short-circuit protection function Hiccup control / Latch control (Selectable)
Duty cycle 100% duty cycle operation 
Soft-start function 5.8 ms typ.
Operation temperature range Ta = −40°C ~ +85°C



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S-8580 Series

S-8581 Series