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Introduction – Switching Regulator ICs (DC-DC Converter ICs)

Ultrahigh Efficiency Step-down Switching Regulator S-85S1A SeriesNEW

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  • S-85S1A Series

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Introduction of ABLIC Switching Regulator

ABLIC Inc. provides a variety of switching regulators, including step-up, step-down and step-up/down regulators. Switching regulators in which the output voltage is fixed by the user, switching regulators in which the output voltage can be varied by using an external resistor, and switching regulators that output a current of only several ampere are also available. ABLIC Inc.'s extensive lineup of switching regulators provide a range of features such as low-voltage operation, high-speed response, and high efficiency with a light load, answering our customers' diverse needs.

1. Low-voltage operation from 0.9 V

Low-voltage operation from 0.9 V ABLIC Inc.'s switching regulators operate on one battery and even on the battery's end voltage (voltage at which the battery is "dead": 0.9 V), making them ideal for various applications such as battery-powered portable devices.

2. High-speed load response

High-speed load responseThe response of the output voltage to a fluctuation in the load current is very fast. Moreover, the width of fluctuation is so small that devices can be used stably. If the load current fluctuates rapidly, the output voltage from the power supply fluctuates. However, the faster the response speed, the smaller the width of fluctuation. ABLIC Inc.'s switching regulator ICs therefore provide a stable power supply voltage.

3. High efficiency with a light load

High efficiency with a light loadWhen the load is light, the IC switches PWM to PFM automatically via PWM/PFM automatic switching in order to reduce the power consumption. The IC automatically switches back to PWM when the current load becomes larger. This enables the realization of the best efficiency according to the level of load.

4. Various types: current limiter, ceramic capacitor, short circuit prevention, synchronous rectification

In addition to providing low-voltage operation, high-speed response, and high efficiency, ABLIC Inc.'s switching regulator lineup offers the following features.
Current limiter The current limiter is a circuit to prevent the transistor from breaking down due to heat caused by overload and magnetic saturation in the coil.
Ceramic capacitor for output Ceramic capacitors prevent short circuits caused by errors. They are secure, small and low cost.
Short circuit prevention The timer latch short-circuit protection circuit stops the switching operation when the output voltage drops for a specific time due to output short circuiting. The delay time for this circuit can be set by a capacitor.
Synchronous rectificationIn ABLIC Inc.'s synchronous rectification ICs, a low resistor Nch power MOSFET is used to make the degree of voltage drop smaller and reduce the power loss compared to conventional switching regulators.