Introduction – CMOS Comparator

ABLIC’s CMOS comparators drive on low voltage with low current consumption. Rail-to-Rail*, single (1 circuit), dual (2 circuits) are also available.

*1. Rail-to-Rail is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.

1. Low Current Consumption

Rail-to-Rail I/O enables to operate on a voltage taken from a single battery due to its operation from 0.9V. (S-89530A/S-89531APDF)

●Feature 1: Low voltage operation 0.9V

●Feature 2: Low current consumption 1.4μA (max.) CMOS comparators Top level performance

●Feature 3 I/O Rail-to-Rail Optimal for low voltage operation due to its wide-range signal process from VSS to VDD

2. Small Packages