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Newsweek covers Nobumasa Ishiai, President & CEO of ABLIC

Nobumasa Ishiai, Representative Director, President & CEO of ABLIC was posted on Newsweek (International edition) as of October 21st, 2022.

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Under the theme of “monozukuri Nippon” (craftmanship in Japan), several business leaders in Japanese semiconductor and related enterprises were featured on the 18 pages of special articles.
As well as top leaders from major Japanese semiconductor enterprises, Mr. Ishiai’s story from ABLIC was posted as one of those companies. As a top management of ABLIC, Mr. Ishiai has touched upon ABLIC’s initiatives they have done so far and their craftmanship, and so on. He also consistently mentioned “People is a key for ABLIC. Our products and technology will be transferred through the generations”.

Regarding this article, Mr. Ishiai commented as below,
“I would like to give my sincere gratitude to everyone cooperated in this regard since it is very valuable publishment to ABLIC and to myself. I am also very honored that this article was published to the world with ranging with other representative semiconductor companies in Japan, which will make our company value of ABLIC raise further. I am expecting that this one would be a trigger to expand our brand to the world not only to the areas in English as a global company based on ‘People’.”

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