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ABLIC Launches the S-191L/N Series of High-withstand Voltage Battery Monitoring ICs for Automotive Use with the New Function of Supply Voltage Divided Output, an Industry First(*1), Contributing to Functional Safety Design

— A single IC for Overvoltage monitoring, Undervoltage monitoring and analog monitoring —


 ABLIC Inc. (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “ABLIC”) today launched the S-191L/N Series, a high-withstand voltage battery monitoring ICs for automotive use with the industry's first(*1) supply voltage divided output

 The S-191L/N Series of battery monitoring ICs launched today is an IC that monitors voltage in an ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Featuring an industry-first supply voltage divided output. The new IC is an innovative product that divides high voltage into low voltage to output a voltage that can be directly input to an A/D converter.
 The new product series also includes a circuit for controlling supply voltage divided output by turning it on and off to reduce standby current. This not only reduces the number of external parts and their footprint, but also lowers the impact of manufacturing variations of external parts on monitoring accuracy ensuring high-accuracy voltage monitoring contributing to reduced failure rate and better functional safety.
 Moreover, S-191L/N Series ensures even greater safety by providing functions for monitoring low voltage, often the cause of erratic ECU behavior or failure, and overvoltage, which can damage an ECU.
 Finally, the SENSE pin that inputs the monitoring voltage into the S-191L/N Series has an exceptionally wide input voltage range of -30V to 45V. This capability enables it to cope with overvoltage tests or tests simulating reverse connections making it the ultimate means for monitoring high voltage supplied to an ECU by a battery or other power source.
 The S-191L/N Series meets AEC(*)-Q100 (*Automotive Electronics Council) standards for automotive ICs and is PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)-capable.

(*1) Based on our research as of July 2021

Major Features 

  1. Industry's first supply voltage divided output
  2. A broad variety of monitoring functions contributes to functional safety
  3. Reduced footprint through three types of functional consolidation, reduction of external parts and ultra-compact packages
  4. The SENSE pin that inputs the monitoring voltage has a wide input range of -30V to 45V
  5. These series have passed the three-temperature test (low, normal and high temperature), and meet AEC-Q100 standards—the reliability and quality test defined by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC). They are also Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)-capable.


Simultaneously Launched Products

  The S-191L/N Series and our other products allow you to select the ideal series of products for any monitoring needs

Product Name Undervoltage monitoring Overvoltage monitoring Supply voltage divided output Package
S-191L/N Series YES YES YES HSNT-8(2030)
S-19113 Series YES NO NO SOT-23-5
S-19115 Series NO YES NO SOT-23-5
S-19117/9 Series YES NO YES HSNT-8(2030)
S-191E Series YES YES NO HSNT-8(2030)


Application Examples

  • Detecting overvoltage on automotive electric devices
  • Voltage detection of automotive batteries
  • Automotive devices for use in engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, EV/HEV/PHEV applications, etc.


A-191L/N Series Product Details



ABLIC Inc. became a wholly owned company by MinebeaMitsumi Inc. as of April 30th, 2020.



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