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Announcement of Completion of the Change of Parent Company

ABLIC Inc. (hereinafter “ABLIC”) had entered into a share transfer agreement with Development Bank of Japan (hereafter “DBJ”, 70% of shareholding ratio) and Seiko Instruments Inc. (hereafter “SII”, 30% of shareholding ratio), who are ABLIC's shareholders, and MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (hereafter “MinebeaMitsumi”) concluded a share transfer agreement in regard to the acquisition of the share of ABLIC (the “Acquisition of Shares”), as announced in the press release dated December 17th, 2019, titled “Announcement regarding Change of the Parent Company”, ABLIC is hereby pleased to announce that, it completed the Acquisition of Shares today and has become a wholly owned subsidiary by MinebeaMitsumi, having announced to be completed in the press release dated April 27th, 2020, titled “Announcement of Closing Date of the Change of Parent Company”.

1.Background and Future Policy

ABLIC's history began from development of CMOS IC for quartz watch in 1968 and then has been enhancing the business globally as a semiconductor division under SII. Currently, ABLIC became a semiconductor manufacturer with a large number of unique products that utilize low-current consumption, low-voltage operation and ultra-small packaging technologies, mainly analog ICs, such as voltage regulators / voltage detectors and lithium-ion battery protection ICs for consumer products, automotive EEPROM, power ICs, and ultrasound imaging ICs for medical devices.

ABLIC started its business operation as SII Semiconductor Inc. in January, 2016, after spinning off a semiconductor division which was used to be one of the divisions in Seiko Instrument Inc., then ABLIC changed the trade name in January, 2018. ABLIC has aggressively taken several measures with sense of speed as an individual business firm under new circumstances and achieved design-wins continuously and globally in quick growing market for automotive devices , medical equipment, and IoT & wearable devices area, and also ABLIC is making effort to aim at further growth.

On the other hand, MinebeaMitsumi's basic strategy is to identify the products as its core business in which MinebeaMitsumi can demonstrate its strength, such as super-precision processing technologies and mass production technologies, and which would take the market in the future and to provide the customers with new values by combining and integrating such products. Because analog semiconductors are one of MinebeaMitsumi's core business and important input-output components to IoT technologies, which is a business area that MinebeaMitsumi is focusing on, MinebeabeaMitsumi intends to further expand its analog semiconductor business by enhancing its product portfolio and entering new application markets.

ABLIC and MinebeaMitsumi have respective product portfolios which can be complemented each other, and the Change of the Parent Company will enable us to achieve multiple synergistic effects. In respect of research and development, the Change of Parent Company will enable us to develop and manufacture products with even higher performance and quality by integrating both companies' advanced technologies. In addition, when it comes to manufacturing, ABLIC will be able to improve quality and productivity and strengthen both companies' BCP responsiveness through joint production activities at the wafer process and assembly and testing process plants of both companies and by sharing industrial technologies and know-how seamlessly between the companies. Furthermore, it is expected to generate synergies that are not limited to the semiconductor field, such as the mutual use of the sales channels of ABLIC and MinebeaMitsumi, and the application by technologies possessed by both companies to the development of new products, sharing management methods and maximizing use of human resources and so on.

With MinebeaMitsumi's technological strength, performance which have led Japanese manufactured industry, ABLIC will be making further effort to strengthen our business globally such as expanding our sales of high-value added products for industrial equipment and medial devices and our share for automotive devices market, and aiming at further extension of analog semiconductor business and improvement of corporate value.

2. Outline of ABLIC

(1)Company name ABLIC Inc.
(2)Location (Head Office) 1-8, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
(3)Title and name of
Nobumasa Ishiai, Representative Director, President
(4)Business Development, design, manufacture, and sales of semiconductors
(5)Amount of capital 9,250 million yen
(6)Date of establishment September 28, 2015
(7)Major shareholders and
            shareholding ratio
MinebeaMitsumi Inc.                   100%
(8)Consolidated sales 32,851 million yen (Fiscal Year Ended March 31st, 2019)
(9)New directors Representative Director, Chairman   Yoshihisa Kainuma (New)
Representative Director, President       Nobumasa Ishiai
Director, Executive Officer                     Tadashi Hashimoto
Director                                                      Ryozo Iwaya (New)
Director                                                      Katsuhiko Yoshida (New)
Director                                                      Hiroshi Aso (New)
Director                                                      Koji Yano (New)


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