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(Additional Info.) Teleworking System was Installed due to the Emergency Declaration

In response to the Emergency Declaration, which was announced on April 7th under the circumstances of the expansion of COVID-19 infections, we have already informed that working at home (teleworking system) was installed for all of the staff members and sales representatives who work at Makuhari, Takatsuka, Tachikawa, Tokyo, and Osaka where were directed as the subjected areas in the Emergency Declaration.

Because Aichi prefecture also announced the Emergency Declaration today (April 10th), we extended the range of working at home (teleworking system) for those who work at the Nagoya sales office as well.

Again, please understand that it may cause any inconvenience for our customers due to this decision.

On top of that, it is also informed to you that our employees in the US and German offices are also working based on teleworking system. Other locations in our worldwide locations are basically operating as usual.

However, we will continue manufacturing and logistics operation along with our strict guideline to maintain providing our products to customers as it is.

< Subjected Locations and Period >

< Japan >
1. Subjected Units / Offices : Makuhari (headquarters), Takatsuka Unit, Tachikawa office, Tokyo sales office, Osaka sales office, Nagoya sales office
2. Subjected Period : April 8th to May 6th, 2020

<Worldwide Locations>
1. Subjected Offices: Los Angels (USA), Frankfurt (German)
2. Subjected Period: To be judged upon situation