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ABLIC Launches the S-19310/S-19315/S-19316 Series of Automotive LDO Voltage Regulators with a Voltage Monitoring Function

- The world's lowest (*1) self-current consumption, high-withstand voltage and high-speed voltage monitoring function enable building automotive ECUs (*2) with ultra-low current consumption -

Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36 V Input, 40 mA Voltage Regulator with Input Monitoring Reset Function S-19310/5/6 Series Reduces standby current

ABLIC Inc. (President & CEO: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) today launched the S-19310/S-19315/S-19316 Series of automotive LDO voltage regulators with a voltage monitoring function.

The S-19310/S-19315/S-19316 Series are automotive single-chip power supply (LDO voltage regulator) ICs with a power supply voltage monitoring function. These ICs are ideal for powering timer ICs (*3) that operate under low current.

The new power supply ICs launched today offer the world's lowest self-current consumption, and also meet the requirements for ultra-low standby current (*4).
The output voltage of conventional general-purpose LDO voltage regulators rise at high temperatures and light load, which can damage connected devices. These new ICs integrate functionality for suppressing rises in output voltage at high temperatures to ensure both low current and safety of timer ICs that operate under light load.

The S-19310 monitors the output voltage of the built-in LDO voltage regulator, the S-19315 monitors the voltage of the device connected to the SENSE pin, and the S-19316 monitors the input voltage of the built-in LDO voltage regulator. Since the detection voltage and the release voltage can be set independently within a specified range, optimum voltage monitoring can be set as required by each system.
It is designed to qualify for the AEC(Automotive Electronics Council)-Q100 Grade 1 standard for automotive ICs and is also PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) capable.

(*1) Based on our research as of March 2020.
(*2) ECU: Abbreviation for Electronic Control Unit.
(*3) Timer IC is a generic term for an IC that monitors time such as a real time clock.
(*4) Standby current is current that flows even when the ignition is OFF.

Major Features

  1. World's lowest current consumption!!
  2. The ideal series of products for any monitoring needs can now be selected.
  3. Detection voltage and release voltage can be independently set.
  4. High-withstand voltage SENSE pin enables direct connection to a battery for voltage monitoring
  5. High-withstand voltage and capable of high-speed detection of voltage anomalies 
  6. Automotive grade
    The series has been subjected to the three-temperature test (low, normal, and high temperature).
    It is planned for compliance with AEC-Q100 and is PPAP capable.

Application Examples

  • Electronic Fuel Injection, Battery Management Systems, door sensors, and other applications that operate intermittently when a vehicle is parked (and the engine is off)
  • Meters, navigation systems, Telematic Control Units and other time management applications

S-19310/19315 /S-19316 Products Series Details



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