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ABLIC Launches the S-19902/3 Series, an Automotive Step-down Switching Regulator of the Industry's Smallest Size (*1) of Package - The HSNT-8(2030) package is the ideal choice for engendering more compact automotive camera modules -

ABLIC Inc. (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, hereinafter “ABLIC”) today launched the S-19902/3 Series of step-down switching regulators for automotive use.
In this series, a step-down switching regulator is repeatedly switched on and off to generate charges in the coil. These charges are stored in a capacitor and used to convert the input voltage to the desired output voltage.
Using a step-down switching regulator instead of an LDO regulator to convert voltage from a 12V lead-acid automobile battery to the 3.3V or 5V that a microcontroller or sensor can handle results in greater efficiency, as well as diminished heat dissipation.

The S-19902/3 Series is a synchronous rectification step-down switching regulator for automotive use featuring 36V input (45V rating), 600mA output current, 125℃ operation, and an oscillation frequency of 2.2MHz, in the industry's smallest size (*1) HSNT-8(2030) package (2.0×3.0×t0.5mm).
The series complies with PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) approval, and it will also qualify for Grade 1 status under the AEC-Q100 quality standard.

The new S-19902/3 Series product launched today comes in the HSNT-8(2030), the industry's smallest class of package, rendering it ideal in the manufacture of more compact automotive camera modules. This meets the needs of the market for the increasing number of installation of camera and higher resolution cameras for automotive use.

(*1) Based on our research as of October, 2019

[Major Features]

  1. The Industry's smallest class! Housed in an ultra compact HSNT-8(2030) (2.0 x 3.0 x t0.5mm)
  2. Fast transient response
  3. PWM control, PWM/PFM control selectable
  4. Low ripple
  5. 36V input/45V rating

[Application Examples]

  • Automotive camera modules
  • For automotive use (engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, EV/HEV/PHEV and other devices)

[S-19902/3 Series Detail]



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