Automotive Electric Power Steering Motors (Zero Crossing Latch)

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ICs ideal for Electric Power Steering Motors

for Electric Power Steering Motor

Electric Power Steering (EPS) uses an electric motor to assist the operation of the steering wheel. Compared to the conventional hydraulic assist system, EPS improves fuel efficiency because it does not require an engine-powered oil pump. Additionally, EPS is indispensable for advanced driver assistance such as Autonomous and Lane Keeping Assist, which can be precisely controlled by an electric motor.
ABLIC offers ICs ideal for EPS motors that support "A" (Autonomous) in CASE. ABLIC offers a comprehensive range of products: such as Zero Crossing Latch Hall effect ICs which operate ideally in BLDC motors, high-accuracy Voltage Trackers for torque sensor power supplies, LDOs with built-in watchdog timers for monitoring MCUs, and battery monitoring ICs that monitor 12V auxiliary batteries for abnormal voltages.

ICs ideal for Electric Power Steering Motors

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*VD: Voltage detector (Reset IC)   *LDO: Low-dropout regulator   *WDT: Watchdog timer


ICs ideal for Electric Power Steering Motors

Product Recommended product Applications and Features
DC-DC converter
(Switching regulator)
S-19914/5 36V input, low noise, available in the industry's smallest package. Contributes to fewer and more compact external parts.
Watchdog Timer S-1951x With reset and LDO regulator functions. Current consumption of 3.0µA.
Window Voltage Detector S-191A/B 6V operation. Monitors undervoltage and overvoltage. Voltage detection response time of 10µs typ. With manual reset function (S-191A).
Battery Monitoring IC
(Voltage detector)
S-19113 Provides undervoltage monitoring. Built-in SENSE Pin reverse connection protection circuit. Current consumption of 0.6µA.
Voltage Tracker S-19721 The industry's lowest class offset voltage of ±4.5mV. 250mA output current. Built-in Anomaly Notification.
Voltage Tracker S-19720 The industry's lowest offset voltage of ±5mV. 50mA output current. Available in an ultra compact (2.46 x 1.96mm) package. Current consumption during power-off of 4µA.
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19222 Power supply for sensors and microcontrollers (MCUs). High PSRR 75dB (at f = 1.0 kHz). Fast Transient Response.
Hall effect IC
(Magnetic sensor IC)
S-57TZ S Zero Crossing Latch Hall effect ICs are perfect for BLDC motor control, creating stable BLDC motor control over a wide temperature range.
Hall effect IC
(Magnetic sensor IC)
S-57RB S Bipolar Hall effect Latch ICs with a thin and small package. The thin package contributes to thinner BLDC motors.
Serial EEPROM. Built-in data protection functions.

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