UV Sensor

This sensor is a photodiode (PD) made of silicon that can detect ultraviolet light at high sensitivity.
The output current changes in reaction to light which includes ultraviolet light.

  • Calculating the difffference between the two outputs enables detection of ultraviolet components without a fifilter.
  • The industry’s smallest-class* transparent resin package 2.55×1.56×t0.65(max.) mm
  • The industry’s highest-class* sensitivity 0.170A/W (λ=365nm)

*Among UV photodiodes (Based on our research)

Selection table

Series Name
(Product Summary)
Data SheetWebshopDescriptionSensitivity wavelength rangeSensitivityReverse voltageDark currentLight receiving areaOperating TemperaturePackage
Series Name
S-5420PDFCoreStaFFUV-A~UV-B Sensing Si Photodiode250nm~1000nm0.17 A/W @ 365nm4.0V5pA0.20 mm2 (x2)−20°C ~ +70 °CSON-6C

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