Super Low Current Consumption, Low Voltage Operation
Omnipolar Detection Type TMR Magnetic Sensor IC

S-5701 B Series


The TMR Sensor IC Overcomes
Reed Switch Limitations

  • Vibration and shock resistance make it
    a durable long-life solution
  • Its tiny magnets and sensors will
    shrink device size and save space
  • Ultra-low operating current means
    longer worry-free operation of battery-operated devices

High Sensitivity Super Low Current Consumption TMR sensor IC

S-5701 B Series

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S-5701 B Series

Durability, compact and long life. Solves Reed Switch Limitations !

Excellent durability and mountability

The disadvantage of the reed switch is its encapsulation in a tube of glass, a material and structure that make it easily breakable due to its vulnerability to vibrations and shock.

The configuration of the reed switch pins makes it difficult to simultaneously mount it with other components, which prolongs the mounting process.

Advantages of the new S-5701 B Series of TMR sensor ICs:
・The TMR element and the signal processing circuit are mounted and resin molded on the same silicon and are therefore extremely durable.

・Available in a small and thin surface-mounted package, it can also be mounted simultaneously with other components.

Magnets and sensors can be downsized

In a reed switch, the magnetic field must affect a major portion of the reeds, which means that the magnet used for detection cannot be shrunk beyond a certain size.

The S-5701B Series uses a small TMR element that is 1/10 the size* of the elements in a comparable reed switch. Small size magnets simplify placement, reduce the size of the final product and improve design friendliness.
*Comparing the size of a TMR element with the size of a regular reed switch.

In addition, the S-5701 B Series can do without a noise filter and a number of other peripheral equipment that a reed switch requires.
This reduction in the number of components has improved product quality.

Stable, ultra-low current consumption extends operating life

A reed switch is a magnetic switch that consumes a very small amount of power as current flows only when it is on, but not when it is off.

However, its unstable current consumption is a disadvantage that lowers the reliability of battery operation.

The current consumption of the S-5701B Series is in the nano-level range both when on and off. The new TMR sensor IC provides reliable operation of battery-operated devices.

Another factor is that the repeated on / off operations of a reed switch increase deterioration.

Development support using magnetic simulation!

ABLIC offers a “magnetic simulation service” that provides the ideal combination of magnets and our magnetic sensor ICs for customer systems. Our magnetic simulation service will reduce prototype production, development period and development costs. In addition, it will contribute to optimization of parts to realize high cost performance.


  • Replacement for a reed switch
  • Home security device(Window/door open/close sensor, Smart locks, or Smoke detectors)
  • Utility meter (Gas meters, Water meters or Smart meters)

TMR sensor ICs Line up


Product name S-5701 B Series


  For General-use
Power supply voltage range 1.7V to 5.5V
Pole detection Omnipolar detection
Magnetic sensitivity 1.0mT, 1.7mT, 3.0mT
Current consumption 160nA typ.
Package TSOT-23-3S
Operation temperature range Ta=−40°C to +125°C


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S-5701 B Series