2-wire Digital Temperature Sensor S-5851A Series

S-5851A Series is a 2-wire serial I/O digital temperature sensor. This IC measures temperature with resolution of 0.0625°C without external parts. This IC is ideal for wide-ranging temperature measurement for various applications. A temperature sensor, a reference voltage generation circuit, a ΔΣ type A/D converter and interface bus are integrated in a chip, and packages SNT-6A and SOT-23-6 available for this IC.


Low voltage operation
VDD (min.) = 2.7 V
Low current consumption
45 µA typ. (+25°C)
1 µA typ. (+25°C at shutdown)
High accuracy
±2.0°C (max.) -25°C to +85°C
±3.0°C (max.) -40°C to +125°C
Temperature resolution
Digital output
2-wire serial interface
Maximum operating frequency
400 kHz
Low power supply voltage detection circuit
Lead-free product


  • Temperature monitor for power supply
  • Temperature monitor for battery
  • Air conditioning system
  • Various electronics devices

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