Temperature Switch IC with S-5843A Series

The S-5843A Series is a temperature switch IC which detects the temperature with a temperature accuracy of ±2.5℃. The output inverts when temperature reaches the detection temperature. This IC restores the output voltage when the temperature drops to the level of release temperature.
The S-5843A Series operates at the lower power supply voltage of 1.65 V and its current consumption is 4.5 µA typ. due to CMOS configuration.
A temperature sensor with the negative temperature coefficient, a reference voltage generation circuit, a comparator and a delay circuit are integrated on one chip, and enclosed into the small packages SNT-6A and SOT-23-5.


Detection temperature
+40℃ to +120℃, +1℃ step,
detection accuracy:±2.5℃
Low voltage operation
VDD (min.) = 1.65 V
Low current consumption
4.5 µA typ. (Ta = +25℃)
Hysteresis temperature
selectable in 2℃, 4℃, 10℃ or 20℃
Selectable output logic in active “H” or “L”
Selectable output form in CMOS or Nch open drain
Prevent functions for false detection operation and false release operation
Lead-free product


  • Fan control
  • Air conditioning system
  • Mobile phones
  • Game consoles
  • Various electronic devices