Temperature Switch IC with Latch S-5840B Series

The S-5840B Series is a temperature switch IC with a latch function having a built-in semiconductor temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±2.5°C. The output signal is inverted when the detection temperature is reached, and latched until detection of the power supply voltage lowering. Low voltage operation down to 1.0 V is possible and the current consumption is low, 12 µA (typ.), due to CMOS configuration. The S-5840A Series consists of a temperature sensor with negative temperature coefficient, a reference voltage source, a comparator, voltage detection circuit, and noise suppression circuit, all of which are enclosed in SOT-23-5 package. Since the temperature range of this IC is -40 to +100°C, it is possible to achieve the extensive application for temperature control.


Detection temperature
+55 to +95°C, 1°C step,
detection accuracy: ±2.5°C
Wide voltage range during operation
VDD = 1.0 to 10.0 V
Release voltage
2.2 to 3.4 V, 0.1 V step
Low current consumption
12 µA typ. (+25°C)
uilt-in circuit for preventing temperature detection malfunction
Output logic level is fixed by the latch after temperature detection
Output logic active high or active low is selectable
Output CMOS or Nch open drain is selectable
Lead-free product


  • Game console
  • Electronic devices