Power Management ICs

Step-up, Super-small Package, 1.2 MHz PWM / PFM Switchable Switchin Regulator S-8363 Series

The S-8363 Series is a CMOS step-up switching regulator which consists of a referencevoltage source, an oscillation circuit, an error amplifier, a phase compensation circuit, a current limit circuit, and a start-up circuit. Due to the operation of the PWM / PFM switching control, pulses are skipped under the light load operation and the S-8363 Series prevents decrease in efficiency caused by IC’s operating current. The S-8363 Series is capable of start-up from 0.9 V (Iout = 1 mA) by the start-up circuit, and is suitable for applications which use one dry cell. The output voltage is freely settable from 1.8 V to 5.0 V by external parts. Ceramic capacitors can be used for output capacitor. Small packages SNT-6A and SOT-23-6 enable high-density mounting.


Low operation voltage
Start-up from 0.9 V (Iout = 1 mA) guaranteed
Oscillation frequency
1.2 MHz
Input voltage range
0.9 V to 4.5 V
Output current
300 mA (Vin = 1.8 V, Vout = 3.3 V)
Reference voltage
0.6 V±2.5%
Soft start function
1.2 ms typ.
Low current consumption
During switching-off, 95 µA typ.
Duty ratio
– PWM / PFM switching control
Power-off function
Current consumption during power-off 3.0 µA max.
Current limit circuit
limits the peak value of inductor current
Nch power MOS FET ON resistance
0.25 Ω typ.
Start-up function
Operation with fixed duty pulse under the Vout voltage of 1.4 V or less
Lead-free product


  • MP3 players, digital audio players
  • Digital cameras, GPS, wireless transceiver
  • Portable devices

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