Introduction of Battery Protection ICs for Multi-cell Pack (4/26/2023)

The industry’s Fastest* Detection Response. Improves the safety of automotive devices S-19114xxxA Series (3/22/2023)

Introduction – Automotive Real-time Clock (RTC) (3/10/2023)

[Application] ICs ideal for Power Closure Systems (2/28/2023)

Durability, compact & long life. Solves Reed Switch Limitations! TMR sensor IC S-5701 B Series (1/31/2023)

[Application] ICs ideal for Headlamps & Rear Lamps (1/11/2023)

[Application] ICs ideal for Electric Power Steering Motors (12/7/2022)

[Application] ICs ideal for Housing & Industrial Equipment (11/17/2022)

The industry's first* alarm function supports safe, highly efficient fast charging! S-82L1/T1/U1/V1 Series (11/8/2022)

[Application] ICs ideal for automotive Auxiliary Motors in 48V MHEV (9/7/2022)

[Application] ICs ideal for Telematics Control Unit (7/27/2022)

Improves safety through a temperature protection function and shrinks protection circuit board size! S-82B4/5 Series, S-82C4/5 Series (7/12/2022)

[Application] ICs ideal for On Board Chargers (6/1/2022)

Ideal for high-accuracy overcurrent protection and higher safety S-82A2/B2 Series (5/31/2022)

Operational Amplifiers and Comparators (4/18/2022)

[Application] ICs ideal for DC/DC Converters (4/15/2022)

Product Catalog 2022 (3/23/2022)

High PSRR* minimizes automotive camera modules! S-19255 Series (2/22/2022)

Automotive Hall Effect ICs (1/19/2022)

[Application] ICs ideal for 12V BMS (1/11/2022)

The industry’s first AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified* battery monitoring IC enables highly reliable voltage monitoring! S-191E Series (11/16/2021)

Introduction of EEPROMs for SSDs (VPD)
- New product “S-585AA (temperature sensor built in ARP function)“ added (11/9/2020)

Voltage Tracker that contributes to high-accuracy sensing S-19720 Series (11/2/2021)

Automotive Power Management ICs(10/18/2021)

【Reference design】Battery protection circuit for 6-serial to 10-serial Cell Pack (9/30/2021)

Advantages of High-withstand Voltage Battery Monitoring ICs -Small footprint, reduced standby current and higher accuracy- (7/27/2021)

Industry’s first* “Supply voltage divided output” contributes to achieving functional safety S-191L/S-191N Series (7/27/2021)

Contributes to longer battery life and higher safety S-82M1A/N1A/N1B Series (7/6/2021)

Delivers “Small, Simple, High-accuracy” connection diagnosis. S-19682/3 Series (6/22/2021)

Reduces conducted emission to 1/3. The ideal small single chip. S-19914/5 Series (5/25/2021)

The Ideal Regulator to Connect to IG Power Supply S-19218 Series (5/25/2021)

Durability, compact & long life. Solves Reed Switch Limitations! TMR sensor IC S-5701 B Series (3/31/2021)

Product Catalog (2020-2021) (3/26/2021)

Introduction – Real-time Clock (RTC) (3/19/2021)

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Introduction – EEPROM (Automotive use) Product Lineup (2/1/2021)

Introduction – EEPROM (General use) Product Lineup (2/1/2021)

Introduction – Temperature Sensor ICs (12/7/2020)

New power supply IC ideal for multifunctional automotive MCUs S-19516/7/9 Series (11/30/2020)

A solution for supplying power & diagnosing the connection status with a single chip S-19701 Series (9/28/2020)

Meeting every need of [24V/12V] household appliances S-1213/4 Series (8/24/2020)

The optimal Automotive LDO as a power supply for V2X TCU communication modules S-19246 Series (8/3/2020)

[World’s thinnest*] Hall effect IC helps create a comfortable interior space. Automotive Hall Effect ICs with ultra-thin HSNT-6 package (6/30/2020)

[for 5G base station antennas / Electric valves] Enabling stable control of BLDC motors even in harsh outdoor environments. Extended operation temperature range, ZCL Hall effect IC S-576Z R Series (6/24/2020)

Contributes to the downsizing of [24V/12V] industrial equipment / home facilities. (3/30/2020)

The world’s lowest current consumption for building ECUs with ultra-low consumption (3/16/2020)

The industry's No.1 low current consumption. Automotive Built-in Watchdog Timer Voltage Regulator with Reset Function S-19514/5/8 Series (1/20/2020)

Turns a new page in brushless DC motor development. Introducing Automotive ZCL Hall Effect IC S-57TZ S Series (12/16/2019)

Introducing ZCL - Innovation of Detection Methiod (11/18/2019)

Turns a new page in brushless DC motor development. Introducing ZCL Hall Effect IC S-576Z B Series (11/28/2019)

[Application] ICs ideal for Automotive Camera (10/28/2019)

[The Industry's Most Compact*] Switching regulator contributes to downsizing of automotive camera. (10/28/2019)

Reduce Standby Current with the Industry's Lowest Current Consumption - Automotive CMOS Voltage Regulator S-19213/S-19214 Series (8/1/2019)

Introducing Our Counter IC which can count externally input clock pulses (6/17/2019)

[Application] ICs ideal for Smart Watches and Smart Bands (6/24/2019)

Introducing our Wake-up Timer IC ideal for intermittent system operation. (4/8/2019)

[SMART FACTORY] Improving performance of sensor devices / industrial robots. (2/18/2019)

Simple battery monitoring! IC with a Supply Voltage Divided Output! (10/29/2018)

[Application] ICs ideal for Cordless Power Tools. (9/12/2018)

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